SUPERIORBELLY, is a collective that creates and recognizes work that is truly experimental.

We work independently and collaboratively on exhibitions, albums, books, events, lectures and performances but are most interested in creating work and situations that exist beyond any format or disciplinary distinction.

In addition to our own work, we connect with others on the outskirts, making work that strays from definition. We honor the unfamiliar, analyze process, and focus on the unheard stories and overlooked aspects of what it is to create.

On this website and through our programming, this inquiry manifests through various alternative means of production and an experimental approach to new formats - some of which are interviews conducted through disjointed voicemails, podcasts that become slowed and stewed audio affirmations and google map tours through digital spaces of existential crises.

The WORK side of this website shows a selection of our recent projects. The BLOG side has ongoing weekly coverage of work from artists we want to dig deep with, along with our own serialized columns of writing, interviews, podcasts, comics and more.

The collective members of SUPERIORBELLY have published, exhibited, and performed internationally and have collaborated and worked with artists of all backgrounds including David Byrne, James Lee Byars, Yoko Ono, Mike Ladd, Tricky, Calvin Lee Reeder, Elliott Earls, Paul Pfeiffer, Enrique Chagoya, Ania Jaworska, Mike Kelley Foundation, Ouattara Watts, Morcheeba, Bill Laswell, Del The Funky Homosapien, Esham, Armand Hammer, and many more.

Beverly Fresh
King Eulas
Nosaj From New Kingdom
Tom Pyrzewski


H. Peter Steeves (The Whisper)

SUPERIORBELLY, was established in 1999 by Thomas Pyrzewski and Zack Ostrowski. Through the years it existed as an art/design collective and record label. In the late 90’s though the early 00’s, it was primarily an unconventional online interactive experience of net art, music, and writing from artists in the collective and around the globe. The Belly, produced and distributed cassettes and cd-rs of pioneering avant garde hip-hop which was later expanded world-wide with the first SUPERIORBELLY compilation released in cooperation with ArtCorp/UPop Japan. In 2005, musician Blair French helped relaunch SUPERIORBELLY RECORDS & TAPES, which spent several years dedicated to producing vinyl-only releases of Detroit-based musicians and hosting parties and events throughout the city. 

Past & Honorary Life-Long Members

Blair French
Dwayne Raupp
John Ikera
Jon Potts